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Kazoing Waiver



KaZoing! Terms of Use and Liability Waiver

We want KaZoing! to be a place of relaxed enjoyment, fun and social connection! In light of this we know more fun and enjoyment will be had by all when our customers follow our guidelines and policies. 


Waiver and Release Form:

     Customers of KaZoing! Party and Play hereby give permission for the child and/or children listed on this “Waiver and Release” to participate in the supervised “Activities” offered by DC Ventures, LLC dba KaZoing!TM  (DC Ventures, LLC) located at 3600 Chamberlain Lane, Suite 218, Louisville, KY  40241 (the Facility) or at any other site in which DC Ventures, LLC may provide activities.

     The parties below acknowledge, on behalf of the child or children listed below, that participation in these Activities may involve certain risks and consequences.  Accordingly, the child or children identified below, and the undersigned, each assume all full risks of such Activities whether such damages are caused by the negligence and/or omission of DC Ventures, LLC or of its affiliates, members, managers, employees, agents and/or representatives.  Accordingly, the undersigned hereby agrees to unconditionally waive, release and forever hold harmless DC Ventures, LLC, and its affiliates, members, managers, employees, agents, representatives and attorneys, from and against any and all liability, claims, damages or causes of action, of any kind or natures including attorney’s fees.

By signing this form, I give consent for photos taken of KaZoing! Party & Play Activities to be used in marketing materials and on the KaZoing! website.  I also give consent for information and advertisements to be mailed or emailed to me.

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Terms Of Use:

KaZoing! reserves the right to refuse service to any customer whose presence detracts from the safety, welfare, and well being of other customers and the facility. KaZoing! reserves the right to amend these terms of use and the Waiver and Release form from time to time.


KaZoing! Pride:

  1. Slides go down! Climbing up, standing, or jumping on slides puts children and others at risk.
  2. Kindness is King. Children and adults will be kind, respectful, and conscious of the safety of all customers. Rough play or bullying will not be tolerated. those unable to comply will be asked to leave the premises.
  3. Fairness is fun! All children and adults will play according to the posted rules.
  4. Toys are for home. Safety is our highest priority, no outside toys of any kind are allowed in or on the inflatables nor in our Tot Lot.
  5. Food is not for play. All food and drink must be consumed in party rooms. KaZoing! approved foods include dry, crunchy snacks and water only.

KaZoing! Policies:

Parents must stay with their children at all times.

Children must remain respectful of the rules and staff reinforcement. Repeated warnings will result in a conversation with the parent and encouragement to take a break from play. KaZoing! reserves the right to deny access to customers who choose not to comply with our guidelines.


KaZoing! Safety Rules:

  1. Empty your pockets. Please, no outside objects allowed in the inflatables.
  2. No Gum. Please keep all food and drinks in designated areas. 
  3. SOCKS ONLY. No shoes when playing in the inflatables or Tot Lot. 
  4. Feet first down ALL slides. NO jumping at the top of the slides. Use ladders to go up and slides to come down.
  5. We do not allow flips, gymnastics moves or somersaults at KaZoing!
  6. Do not sit on or jump over any walls.
  7. Always go under the logs on the Obstacle course.
  8. ALL KaZoing! plugs are child safe, please, do not go behind the inflatable where we plug them in.
  9. Watch out for others! Do not run into or jump on your friends.
  10. KaZoing! Is a non-smoking alcohol free facility.

Outside food and drinks are to remain outside the facility. KaZoing! approved foods are dry crunchy snacks and water. Only covered drinks allowed in inflatable area and Tot Lot.

We appreciate your conscious efforts in keeping KaZoing! clean and germ free. Please use available hand sanitizers before and after entering our play areas.

Diaper changes must take place ONLY in the restrooms. A changing table is provided on each in every restroom.

All adults must have a kid! Adults entering the facility must be here because of a child. Adults are also responsible to supervise their children at all times. Staff are there for general and group supervision, but parents must be present and fully responsible for each child.

Please remember to go home with your belongings. KaZoing! is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.