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KaZoing! Glamour Studio Parties

Remember when you were young and used to play dress up out of your grandma’s closet? Well here at KaZoing! we designed a place for your girls to be able to do that away from home using their imaginations. Our glamour studio is home to hundreds of different costume pieces, stations for your girls to get a fun hair style, glamorous make-up, and painted nails. Just pick one of the 4 glamour studio parties we offer described below to play make believe with us!

Dancing Divas Party

Girls will be taught a full diva dance routine which they will perform. Once the divas are dressed, stylists complete the look with hair, makeup and nails. The Divas perform a dance routine on a lighted stage.

Supermodel Party

Girls choose hundreds of  different costume pieces. After dressing, hair, makeup and nails are done by our stylists. Each Glamour girl participates in a fashion show in our New York style Glamour Studio.

Princess Party

Royal dresses and accessories await your little princess. Once the princesses are robed, stylists complete the look with hair, makeup and nails. The princesses make their official entrance on the royal walkway. After the royal procession, the princesses enjoy the rest of the royal party.

Princess Tea Time Party

Tea & treats served by our royal princess characters will delight any child.

Junior Supermodel or Junior Princess

Jump/Glamour Party

Includes 30 minutes of fun in our inflatables followed by a full glamour party of your choice.




**For every glamour party we suggest each girl brings their own favorite party shoes. The glamour studio can accommodate a maximum of 20 friends in the party, but there will be a $9.95 fee per additional guest over the guest count included with your party package.